What’s most shocking about University

What shocked me the University is the sheer number of female students who were there to find a husband. I couldn’t believe that this type of thinking was still striving in society.  I might have been raised to aspire to marriage like many women, but I was never expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. On the contrary, my parents thought me to look out for myself and that being able to take care of oneself was primordial. I was naive in thinking that it was the same for most women in the province of Quebec.

While numerous student sitting in the same classes as I were only there to meet the right guy and were fully ready to give up their education once they had a ring on their fingers, I was attending university because I wanted to. It had nothing to do with finding a good husband. It was about knowledge and my love of learning.

The idea that people are still grooming and teaching social skills to their daughters to ensure they don’t impede their husbands’ career progress is absolutely ghastly.

Women wanting to succeed in their chosen field should be encouraged.



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