Privilege is real

White privilege is real. Patriarchy is real. Straight privilege is real. Ableism is real.

fashion-1844888_1920Privilege is not linear, it overlaps and intersects. The “male” portion is absolutely necessary–it does not erase the racial privilege that white women have, it highlights the inherent gendered nature of -all- forms of oppression.

The thing about privilege is that it’s not easy to see when you are the one who has it.

When you acknowledge your privilege, great things can be done…

In school, every student will learn about white history, but if you are from another culture, you will realize that the curriculum has very little representation or none at all. We are Métis and one teacher added a chapter to her history classes when my daughter pointed out that white history spoke about progression, but Native American was only referred to in the colonial past. Most Natives don’t live in teepees anymore.


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