Hot and Spicy

Apparently, eating hot and spicy food can help you live longer. That’s good news for me. I should be immortal by now! 😛

nachos-594466_1920I love eating spicy food.

My first experience with hot sauce started out as a prank. I was at a friend’s house after school. We were both in the 5th grade. She offered me a glass of tomato juice, which I happily accepted. What I didn’t know is that the glass was only half filled with tomato juice, the other half was filled with hot sauce. Being prideful, I drank the entire thing with as little reaction as possible before excusing myself to go to the bathroom where tears started to overflow.

I now put hot sauce in almost everything I eat, breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks. Nobody steals my food. lol.

On our honeymoon, we came across a little shop that specialized in selling hot sauces. I got to try one of those sauces that you have to sign a release prior to the taste test. I was really excited to try it. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel any spicier than some of the other hot sauces I had tried in the store. A man who was browsing the shelves and watching my reaction asked if he could also try since it didn’t seem that bad. The store owner jumped and immediately warned the man that I’m an unusual customer. Most people have issues ingesting that sauce.


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