School should be a safe place

School should be a safe place for students, but too many times it is not. Whether it’s bullying, peer pressure, rejection, learning disabilities, etc, too many administrations and teachers aren’t equipped to ensure a school is a safe place where children can truly learn without being left behind and be themselves without being bullied or excluded. Even when school are willing to help, they often are stuck behind red tape and neverending waiting lists.

#Parenting - TopicsWithPassion.blogAs parents, we can’t be around our children all the time to support them, no matter how much we would want to. A good education is important. It’s terrible when a child struggle and fears going to school. It horrible when as parents we run out of resources to help. How do you deal with bullying when it’s everyone? How do you deal with a child who is unable to make friends? How do you encourage a child that is terrified of going to school?

If you are a child or a teenager and you are struggling, please know that you are not alone.  I hope that more will reach out to give or receive help, even to just share and/ or confide in others. Remember that if you reach out to one adult and do not receive the help you need, keep asking. 

As a teenager, I was in trouble (receiving death and rape threats) and asked help from one of my teachers. I was told that if I couldn’t take care of my own problems, I would never amount to anything in life. Being refused help and being told that asking for help was weak was devastating. As an adult, I now realized that I approached the wrong teacher. That there were several adults who would have helped me.


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