Mornings with TopicsWithPassion

Morning can be difficult for many reasons: lack of sleep, boring routine, too many responsibilities, too many worries, etc. Unfortunately, when we wake up with a negative outlook, everything seems darker and it makes it harder to find happiness and break the cycle.

Here are 4 questions that can help break the negative cycle:

  1. What wakes you up in the morning? My husband smiles and kisses. Yes, I am that lucky!
  2. What’s one thing I can do to make the day better? As you probably already know, I struggle with depression and anxiety. One thing that helps me alleviate the heaviness of obligation and worry is that I get up from bed every day telling myself that I can do this. That I’m strong enough to achieve anything life throws at me.
  3. What are you looking forward to today? This answer changes every day. To be honest, some days are more difficult than others. Some days are just about proving to myself that I can survive. Today, I do have something I’m looking forward to filling out the invitations for my child’s birthday. I found this cute invitation that you can put on the front of the refrigerator as a reminder.
  4. What am I grateful for this morning? I am grateful for the medical team that take my chronic illnesses seriously and are trying to help me. I am grateful for a husband who is understanding, patient and supportive. I’m grateful that the school will evaluate my daughter for dyslexia free of charge. Most self-help gurus say that you should write or name 5 to 10 things you are grateful for every day. I say start with one, sometimes it’s all it takes to start a small spark of happiness deep inside of us.

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