Here’s the thing about comparisons

Here’s the thing about comparisons. When you compare yourself to others, you never get the real picture.  Keep in mind that you are always going to be better at some things than other people, and worse at other things. Comparing yourself and your skills to others isn’t going to get you anywhere. It will only lead you to feel that you are not living your full potential. It will send you through that frustrating doubt that seems to bind you to a perpetual cycle of failure.

#comparison - TopicsWithPassion.bogInstead of focusing on how you stack up next to someone else, invest that energy into comparing your recent work with the work you made six months ago, a year ago and five years ago.

We should only compare ourselves to ourselves. Comparing yourself to others is only preventing you from succeeding.

Keep in mind that no one is successful in everything they do and skills take practice and patience.


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