What does it mean to be authentic?

What does it mean to be authentic? It means being able to see in the mirror all the darkness of our soul and our thoughts without blushing with shame. It means accepting our imperfections, our weaknesses, our shortcomings, our defects, our frustrations, our anger, our depressions, our vices, our fantasies, our profound humanity. It means accepting, assuming them without crumbling under guilt.

#authentic - TopicsWithPassion.blogIt also means daring to finally see the beautiful, the extraordinary, the exceptional in each of us. It means not to underestimate, to lower oneself to think that we are not up to par, that we do not deserve sweetness, respect, tenderness, passion, attention.

It means to get rid of our masks too heavy, useless conventions, to escape the monotony.

To be authentic is to regain confidence in life and to demand nothing but abundance in all its forms. It is daring to love without limit, to follow its joy without being afraid to hurt. It means to delve into the depths of oneself to discover crazy desires, forbidden loves and unconfessed desires. It means letting go of one’s need for security to jump into the big void. It means allowing yourself to think that anything is possible. It means going to the end of our desires, to stop hiding for too long behind my excuses. 


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