Why is it so easy to hate oneself?

Why do we all struggle with loving ourselves? Why is it so easy to hate oneself? 

It’s been a difficult week. Physical pain is really bad, making it difficult to function. It’s also playing with my mental health issues. I keep reminding myself that only a few weeks ago, I was on medical leave for depression and it’s normal to have bad days.

people-2585847_1920In moments like these, it’s easy to look at oneself in the mirror and hate what you see. To find fault with everything we think or do. The painful truth is that we cannot help others if we hate ourselves. It is impossible. So practising self-love and compassion isn’t selfish. It’s good for everyone in your world.

Especially in difficult moments, we need to remember that life’s turbulence, including all our heartbreaks, challenges, and deceptions, isn’t meant to drown us. Whatever we’re going through, it will come to pass. It always does. We will survive, even if it doesn’t feel like we will and once on the other side, we will be better people for it.

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