Singles: A home is a place to recharge. Parents: LOL!

Single people: A home is a place to recharge.

Parents: LOL!

I was reading an article about how everyone needs a home, which is true.

It says that a home should be a place where you go to recharge, a place that improves your quality of life and refuel our inner battery on a daily basis.

That’s all beautiful, but let’s get real. Owning a house means you will have a lot of maintenance and chores to do. If you are married with children free time is a luxury. I’m married and we are raising 3 teens, two with special needs. I am battling several chronic illnesses and mental illnesses. My husband was hit by a car as a teen and is struggling with back and knee damage.

The article suggests that your home should be like a comfortable pair of slipper. It should be a safe haven that makes you feel safe, comfortable and rested. I ask any parents that do not have a cleaning lady or a cook or a nanny: Is your home complete chaos and feels like a prison or a safe haven where you can rest, reboot, and relax?  Most of the time my house is in complete chaos.  A family lives here, and families are freaking messy. Sometimes it does feel like a prison, honestly. I try to make our master bedroom a safe place I can rest, reboot and relax, but the demands of parenting, job and homeowner responsibilities means that these self-care moments aren’t happening on a regular basis.

Is it me or are most of these life improvement tips all aimed at people with money and no children?

Fellow parents, push the guilt aside and remember parenting is hard. Moms and Dads, pat yourself on the back, you’re doing just fine!


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