You can’t fix me

Yes, I’m ill. No, you can’t fix me. It’s a normal and healthy response to feeling an immense loss after a diagnosis of chronic illness. Being chronically ill can make us feel like outsiders. That’s how much our society fears and rejects the core human experience of being ill, of having a body that gets sick, regardless of ages and that is not controllable. I wish everyone could understand what every day is like living trapped in a young(ish) body, unable to function even remotely like it used to. It’s soul crushing.

Let’s face it anyone battling a chronic illness is a badass.

Every time I mention I have chronic illnesses, mental illnesses or that I’m exhausted, or that I have a migraine or that muscle aches, everyone knows exactly what’s wrong with me, and exactly what I need to do to fix it. I know the internet has made everyone experts, but we’re not. Half the time my doctor doesn’t even know and he went to school for twelve years and studied nothing but how to fix my ailments.


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