Repressing your emotions is bad for you

Repressing your emotions is bad for you. If you seek to repress your emotions or avoid feeling them, it can have negative physical consequences that have been scientifically proven.

if you are a very emotionally anxious person (like me) and you do not know how to avoid this emotional anguish, or even how to channel or express it, you may end up suffering from increased heart rate, sweating and shaking more, or experience to breathing problems.

The first step is being able to identify your emotions.

If you can’t name them, you can’t express them properly. Your body instinctively will try to repress any emotions it doesn’t recognize.  When you feel a change in your body, whether due to an external reason or your own thoughts, ask yourself questions such as “what am I feeling?”, “What symptoms am I experiencing? “,” What’s the cause? “,” Why is this change happening now? “

Emotional Health - Topicswithpassion.blogThe second step is to observe how these emotions affect our bodies.

The emotions are governed by the limbic system and the autonomic nervous system and are difficult to manipulate at first. Take a moment, and let the emotion go through your body and do its thing. This will allow you to have clear ideas about what you feel, and what you intend to say. For example, I now know that when I repress my anxiety attacks, I get sick. It always starts with nausea and goes downhill from there. It took me a trip to the hospital before I realize that my repressed anxiety was killing me from the inside.

The third step is to identify your triggers.

You may not be able and probably shouldn’t remove all triggers from your life. As a mother, one of my many anxiety triggers are my children’s safety, education and happiness. Knowing what triggers you, can help you get ready for these feelings and can help you plan a support system when you need it or/and know when to reserve self-care time.

Knowledge is power. It doesn’t stop the emotions, but knowing what is happening, why it’s happening and how it’s happening gives you comfort and lets you react in a better way.


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