Why is therapy so expensive?

Any behaviour that impedes our way of communicating, which generates our suffering and the inability to lead a normal life, requires a diagnosis and a type of therapeutic strategy capable of resolving the situation.

Whether you are struggling with mental health issues, your identity, or just need someone to talk to, I believe help should be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, it isn’t the case.

Especially here the government mentions that people with conditions deemed severe are supposedly already followed and framed for free, which is completely false. Waiting lists for public mental health care are horribly long: several years in some regions of Quebec. Even for people whose condition is judged to be severe.

School therapists are overwhelmed by the numbers of kids who need their help so they turn down many requests.

Private therapists are extremely expensive and insurance barely covered any cost at all.

No one should be denied mental health care because they can’t afford it. People seem to think it’s a special privilege to go to therapy. It’s not.

I’ve found that being raw and real about my own struggles has helped others, so I do it for those who haven’t found their voice yet.


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