When silence is a cry for help

Silence is the absence of words. However, silences can also imply a presence, the presence of a message that has not been said, but which is there. Silences are not necessarily empty of communication. Silences can communicate something that is not said with words. 

As much as some conversations can be empty of meaning, some silences are full of them. Some silences arise from fear and/or distress. This is the kind of silence that comes after having a traumatic experience, in which no word can describe what you feel. Words are not enough to express the magnitude of all that one feels.

The dilemma is that it is thanks to words that we can evacuate all forms of pain that inhabit us. We need to talk but the words do not come. So what is the solution? How can we express this suffering that hurts us every minute?

I found that delving into art and other creative activities can be a good way to express emotions we cannot describe.


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