I get mad at commercial

I get mad at commercial. I hate brands who use insult has a marketing ploy to sell their product. The worst part is that it must be working or it wouldn’t be used by so many companies.

The food industry who dumb down their ingredient list and presents if their product is made of “real ingredient” compared to the companies who use the real scientific names of each item. We are putting the value on lack of education, instead of encouraging people to learn and better themselves.

The worst ones are from the beauty industry. They literally destroy people self-esteem in order to sell you their product promising that it will fix the insecurities they created in the first place.

The phone industry isn’t better. Sprint openly insults Verizon clients telling them that if they weren’t stupid, they would switch to Sprint. They are insulting the prospects base they are trying to attract. Ever heard the expression “you get more bees with honey”? Wouldn’t they get more clients by highlighting their service, price and incentives, instead of calling potential prospect stupid?

I hate that it has become acceptable and normalized that greed is more valuable than ethics and respect.


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