Conundrum and Flabbergasting

There are some things and situations in this world that still manages to completely flabergast me.

Every day sexism - Topicswithpassion.blogIt still shocks me that every school my kid ever attended has called me and was surprised that I worked for a living. Most mothers I know have full-time jobs. The reality is you need two incomes to really thrive as a family today. How is this still shocking to school administrative staff?

Basic understanding of technology. I got a call today from a co-worker to inform me that her phone wasn’t working. She told me it was completely dead, no dial tone, nothing. “Well, if you called me, your phone must be working now…”. I get calls like this on a daily basis as a tech support person.

How our politicians can stand in front of everyone and say that our medical system is striving when it takes a minimum of 14 hours for doctors to see 18 people in the emergency room due to staffing issues and lack of beds and resources.

Am I the only one to shake my head and wonder why everyone is okay with shrugging these inexplicable moments away? 


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