Time to dream about faraway places

It’s winter. I don’t know where you are in the world right now, but I am surrounded by snow and freezing cold. It’s time to dream about faraway places I would love to see.

sleeping-89197_1920I have been lucky in my life to have the opportunity to travel and visit many countries (France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Spain, The United States and Vatican). I hold in my heart and memories each one of these special places.

The more you travel and explore the world, the more you want to see it, the more you want to share with the people you love. These are my top 5 places I would like to travel to in the future if finances ever permit it.

  1. I would like to return to Disney World in The United States with my new reconstructed family. I was lucky enough to go twice already. Once as a single mother with my child at a time when she was young enough to believe in the magic of Disney and old enough to remember. Once with my husband (then fiancée) when I was sent for work/training at one of the associated hotels. I would like to go back the 5 of us, especially after the Star Wars Resort is built.
  2. I would like to go to England. I studied English Litterature and archaeology. I have a special place in my heart for the history and the architecture. For example, I would love to see the medieval passageways of York, drink in a British pub that’s been there for generations, etc. I am also an enormous Doctor Who fan.
  3. I would like to visit Ireland. I have ancestry that comes from this country. I would love to see castles, pubs, green countrysides, etc.
  4. I would love to visit the ruins of Dunluce Castle perch atop a dramatic basalt crag, over an enchanting gatehouse to the Mermaid’s Cave. It is a site steeped in history and lore, love and tragedy.
  5. I would like to visit Germany. My husband has extended family living in that country. The architecture there is also incredibly beautiful. We looked into travelling to Germany for our honeymoon, but it was above our budget. Maybe one day.
  6. I would love to visit Tahiti, French Polynesia. To reside in one of those luxurious bungalows suspended over clear turquoise waters. To see lush vegetation and stunning waterfalls.

Where would you like to go?


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