Myths about Cancer

Myths about Cancer. February 4th is world cancer day. Many of us have lost someone to cancer or knows someone who is a survivor. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any time.

Everyone claims to be an expert then when you get a real expert you see just how wrong people are. I refuse to entertain people’s blatant ignorance of the objective truth. Tolerating lies is ridiculous and illogical.

Top 5 myths:

  1. Aspartame does not give you cancer. Research has shown no proof that it causes cancer in human beings.
  2. Smartphones do no give you cancer. Smartphones emit a low-frequency energy that does not damage genes.
  3. Lumps in breast automatically mean you have cancer. Only a small percentage of lumps are actually cancer, but it’s safer to have all of them checked. Some benign lumps still have to be removed or in time can become cancerous. Prevention is always better than fixing.
  4. Radiation will leave burn marks. I’ve had radiation therapy and I can tell you that was is absolutely false.
  5. Alternative medicine cannot cure cancer. Some can help with the side effects of medical treatments, but that’s all. Be sure to check with your doctor first as many herbs can actually harm your healing process.

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