Silly Texts

A friend brought up to my attention that my text can be “creative”, “weird, and/or “funny”. She never knew what to expect, but it always made her smile.

Text sent on a particularly difficult parenting day. I saw my daughter go through 5 different emotions within the space of one minute and I’m not exaggerating. We ended up going for a car ride and signing in the car.

“Teenager + PMS = OMG” – TopicsWithPassion

My child’s school contacted me to inform me that my daughter might be dyslexic. I had only been informing them of that fact since the beginning of the school year and trying to get her help with no success. This is the text I sent my best friend:

“For bloody hell, the school just called me to inform me my child is dyslexic… Seriously?! I’ve just been telling you since September… Thanks for catching up.” – TopicsWithPassion

After returning to the office after a month of working from home due to health issues, the employees were more than happy to see me, which was a bit overwhelming. I sent this text to my best friend:

“Ahhhh! Can I run away and hide?! Back one week and I’m already way too popular! Don’t they know I’m an introvert? Stop calling me people! Don’t you know it’s Friday, I’m tired and could snap and take half the office with me?! 😛

Oh and happy Friday! Hope you are doing well!” – TopicswithPassion

My best friend was playing hooky for work. She was feeling down and needed a mental health day. It was a dark wintry day. This is the text I sent her:

“Sending lots of warm and comforting hugs. I’m still negotiating on that sunshine thing. Will get back to you when I stop arguing with Mother Nature.” – TopicsWithPassion

When the office coffee machine broke halfway through making my coffee cup. This is the text I sent my husband. He sent back a picture of his full coffee cup. Evil man!

“I’m about to go She-Hulk on this coffee machine!” – TopicsWithPassion

“Two strong women arguing. Now this I ought to see!” – Best Friend


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