Life starts today

Your life will begin to change when you stop waiting. Things never fall from the sky. 

Life begins today - Topicswithpassion.blogOften, we are told that waiting is always worth it, that you have to be patient because things always happen. However, we must not fall into the extreme and leave our existence in “waiting” mode, at the risk of letting our present escape us. We must be active agents of our present, and creators of new thoughts and emotions that give rise to more innovative actions. Things happen when we work for our goals and dream, when we stop waiting for the perfect time. 

Procrastination is the systematic postponement of tasks that we should perform. I’m really bad at this, mostly because the list is so long and my energy levels are so low, I never get everything I want to accomplish in a day done, but when it comes to the big lines, I never wait for things to fall into place, I make it happen. 

If you have a dream or a wish that you’ve been putting on the back burner because you are waiting for a sign or for the perfect moment. This is it. The life you want to live begins today.

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