When anxiety won’t shut up

I’m pretty certain many will relate.

For some anxiety may wake up and never want to go back to sleep. It screams out to us constantly. Crying wolf at every opportunity. It paralyzes our heart. It dries our throat. It fills our brain with heart-sinking outcomes. The voice gets louder every day until we are overtaken by a tornado of negative forbidding thoughts and emotions. 

I don’t know how often I’ve read articles that say we must remember that we alone can make it insignificant if we choose to accept that its presence depends on our choice to open or not to experience these sensations that are natural. I can tell you from personal experience that the more I choose not to accept its presence, the more I choose not to experience these sensations, the worst the tornado will be.

I found it is easier to feel what we feel and let the adrenaline escape freely, once the worst of the storm is over, one feels much stronger and ready to confront any situation ahead.

How do you live your anxiety? Is it similar or different? I’m curious to find out. 


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