Violence against Women

I am so appalled & angry at the horrible mistreatment of girls and women all over the country and around the world. Girls and women have spent the past year campaigning for change, calling out abuse, and reclaiming power. Violence against Women needs to stop.

Discrimination on the basis of gender has been against the law in Canada since 1977.

No woman should know what harassment or gender violence feels like.

Violence can in a split second destroy someone’s life.

What do we need to do to stop harassment from being a rite of passage? 

secret-2725302_1920Domestic violence is characterized by repetitive acts, physical or/and psychological, aimed at controlling the other person. This means, just because he doesn’t touch you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t abuse you. Emotional and mental abuse are on the rise because it doesn’t have visible/physical bruises, a man or woman who belittles you, makes you feel worthless, isolates you from friends and family, blames you for everything that goes wrong, and uses foul language towards you is an emotional abuser. It is far worse than physical abuse because no one can see it, if you’re in a situation like this, get help and get out! He/she will NEVER change, the abuse will get worse, and you will slowly fade away. Emotional/mental abuse is real, it is not your fault and you are much worth than that person tells you are. Living it is not easy. To say it aloud is even worse.

There is never an excuse for sexual assault and harassment. The number of women who have been subject to sexual harassment and/or assault at some point during their lifetimes is disgusting. What’s wrong with a patriarchal social culture that supports a level of male entitlement so twisted that men believe they have the right to inflict punishment for rejection? Everything. Everything is wrong with that.

“Treating another human with respect isn’t complicated, but it seems a bit confusing for a lot of men out there,” Tracee Ellis Ross said.

Too many people just sit around and watch when something like this happens. No more of this standing around and doing nothing while other people are exploited or abused.  People need to stop being twats and take action against violence.

A lot of people have a traumatic past and suffer from stress, and they don’t use it as a reason to abuse and hurt others.

The link between domestic abuse and gun violence is undeniable. The majority of mass shooters in the U.S. have a history of domestic or family violence. It’s time our government took action.

Change the laws, police shouldn’t have to wait for violence to have occurred, they should have powers to give people warnings, restraining orders etc before they become more violent and kill. Too many women have been let down by our system.

Like countless other issues in the world, I hope we rise from the sidelines to rediscover that collectively, the world is in our hands. It’s time to step up and speak out.

We need to tell our stories whether it’s sexual assault, pay inequality, women’s reproductive rights, voting discrimination.

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  1. Not only do we have to change the laws, we have to change the courts. Sure, there was an outcry when a judged in Alberta called a victim the plaintiff and asked why she didn’t just close her legs, but how many other judges like that are still out there blaming victims?

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