Sexism in the business world

Sexism in the business world is still very present.

A week ago my best friend was told that she cannot go out with the clients with her male coworkers because people would assume that she was sleeping around and they didn’t want her to tarnish the company’s image. She has the same job in marketing as the others, but she is not to wine and dine clients or have a budget because people would assume she’s a slut. How is that not blatant sexism? 

Just the other day, I was sitting in the kitchen minding my own business when I overheard the human resources explain that they chose to hire men for the last few job openings because there are too many women in the office. At first, I thought it was to balance things out, equal opportunity and all, but I was wrong. Her logic (and yes, the manager is a “her”) is that women gossip and if you hire a few men in each department, women tend to quiet down and “behave”. I can still feel my blood boil at the sexist comment, especially that out of everyone in the office, she is the biggest gossiper of all present. Sexism can come from women as much as it can come from men.


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