Review: One Day at a Time – Season 2

I have written a review of the television series “One Day at a Time” when it first came out on Netflix. After seeing the 2nd season, I felt the need to write another review. I cannot stress how much I love this series that takes on diversity, immigration, sexuality, mental illness, etc. and all of this with a sense of humour.

“One day at a time” a series that should be seen by all. It’s also a series that I have and will re-watch multiple time.

If someone you know suffers from depression, please watch the episode “Hello, Penelope”, it will help you understand what it’s like and what we need. If, like me, you suffer from depression and anxiety, have a Kleenex box nearby when you watch it. It’s one of the best-written representation of mental illness I have ever seen. My husband had to scoop me from the floor after watching that episode.

I’ve been struggling lately. I’m not sure why. Seeing that episode made me realize that I was sliding back and needed to take a break and take care of myself.


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