Your life, your way

Your bodies and your lives belong to you and no one has the right to impose anything on you. You have the right to make all the choices you want with regard to your own person.

You have the right to have emotions, to express them and/or to keep them for yourself. You do not have to smile for anyone. Your emotions and your experience are as good as they are. This is true of everyone, even if you are battling a mental illness.

You have the right to shave all your body hair if that’s what you want, just as you have the right to keep it all too. There is no right or wrong. It’s a personal decision. 

You have the right to wear the amount of makeup you want when you want it, or never wear it at all if that’s what you prefer. I personally rarely wear makeup. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my makeup box filled with everything I could ever need should the mood hit me. 

You have the right to eat what you like and what you want. Only a real medical doctor can tell advise you on your health. Everybody else needs to mind their own food.

You do not have to change your weight, lose weight or fatten for others. The only thing that decides if I’m loosing or gaining weight is my thyroid.

You have the right to wear the clothes you love, regardless of their styles, sizes and the amount of skin they reveal. Your appearance is beautiful and wonderful, whether it meets the standards or not.

You have the right to say no at any time and you don’t have to justify why.


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