What is love?

Love is probably the most powerful emotion, the most magical we can feel. It is a gift of life. I strongly believe all beings need love and connection.

All who deserves to be loved must also have the ability to love, to recognise the other as part of himself/herself. It is an act of freedom and personal expression that enables us to grows, and that we all deserve to experience.

Don’t water yourself down to be “likeable,” especially for a partner. A relationship between two people based on unconditional love presents an eternal principle: to discover a person who will always mark our heart in a positive way, allowing us to learn things and share with them these newly learned things.

brothers-457234_1920Each one of us deserves to be cherished by ours, starting with family, friends and undoubtedly a spouse who is able to give us a conscious, mature and reciprocal love.

There is nothing more worthy and there are no other principles more basic to the human being than to be loved, valued and respected.

The love that recognises and values the child, the couple or the friend gives us roots to grow.

Just as we must know what limits we must put into our lives to prevent our rights from being affected, it is important to remember that just as we ask to be loved, valued and respected, we must be able to offer the same.

adult-2178963_1920Open your heart but love with open eyes and not blindly. Give to others but wait to be loved and recognised in exchange.

Relationships shouldn’t complete your life, they should complement it.

Without a doubt, we all deserve a love that gives us joy and not sadness, a sincere tenderness that shakes our hand and makes our fears and uncertainties disappear.


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