Everyone has an inner warrior

Everyone has a warrior who lies dormant in them, who fights against adversity, who fights for their dreams, who advances with determination, who do not let themselves be defeated by the blows and who does not bow to the difficulties of life.

Inner Warrior - TopicsWithPassion.blogThis warrior understands our shadows, is self-aware, is not monochrome, an identical copy made by society, but who is rather a rainbow, a complex and harmonious association of all the colours of life.

Within each of us is a force that can guide us toward our goals and take care of us. We do not need someone to complete us. We should only want to have someone on our side who accepts us completely.

We sometimes forget to honour our struggle and we often depreciate all our effort. However, if we stop to think for a moment, we have an infinite number of reasons to marvel at ourselves.


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