Accepting help isn’t easy

Accepting help isn’t easy. No one is perfect. We are all aware of this. We all accept it. Yet, admitting our own fault out loud is difficult to do.

Accepting Help - TopicsWithPassion.blogI am one of these people who pass their time helping others but has difficulty accepting help from others when I need it. I realize that I have built an identity from which I not only can offer my help but somehow feels it’s my responsibility to help everyone I love. The problem is that this need to help others somehow translated in my mind that I cannot receive it.  It’s a problem not only for me but for my close ones who want to help and give back. I somehow feel I have a duty to respond to the needs of others while ignoring mine.

Part of the issue is that I feel that asking for help or accepting it disturbs others and the last thing that I want is to be a weight, a problem for others. I’m supposed to be helping them, not causing the issues, right?

Another part of the issue is that I feel shame as if it’s my duty to be a pillar for everyone and that leaning on others means I’m failing at my job.

I not only need to learn to accept help, but I also need to learn that other people’s happiness isn’t my job.


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