Gun Violence

I’m getting super tired of having the same debate about gun violence over and over again. There needs to be better laws and regulations concerning guns.

If you reply anything in the lines of…

  • “It would have been horrible if there was a drunk driver who smashed through and ran over a bunch of kids I would feel just as horrible. But they’re not going to ban alcohol or cars.”
  • “You know how easy it is to make a plastic gun? Ban 3d printers!”
  • “If you take my guns, his daughter will not come back. But my ability to protect mine will be severely compromised.” (It’s been proven that having a gun in the house actually puts your family in more danger.)
  • “He could have made a bomb with fertilizer. Ban fertilizers!” (Actually, after someone used a bomb made with a certain type of fertilizer, which contained ammonium nitrate, the government imposed severe restrictions on the purchase of that type of fertilizer.)
  • “The second amendment easy. The second amendment was put in place to ensure that an authoritarian dictatorship/ruling monarchy will never rise to power and overtake the UNITED STATES.” (seriously, you are still worried about the monarchy taking over?)

You are part of the problem

It has been proven by so many countries that better laws and gun regulations reduce the amount of bloodshed. This shouldn’t even be a debate anymore, but once again, people don’t believe facts.

A shooter in Australia, who back in 1996 murdered 35 people at a tourist attraction in Tasmania. Very quickly the government of the day banned guns for all except bonafide sporting shooters and farmers, made the owning of unlicensed firearms illegal, and organized an amnesty involving a gun buyback scheme. That worked. They haven’t had a mass shooting since. How anyone believes that a civilian should own an AR-15 is beyond me.


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  1. It boggles my mind when people say it’s the shooter that’s the problem, not the gun. Absolutely the shooter is the problem, but it’s the AR-15 that allows for the maximum number of people to be killed and injured in the shortest amount of time. Back when the 2nd amendment was written they probably wouldn’t have even imagined that assault weapons designed for mass casualties would ever come into existence.

    1. Exactly. The same when people say he could have used a knife. Well, one you have to get up close and personal and two you reach a lot less people. It’s a lot easier to stop someone with a knife than someone shooting nonstop from a safe distance.

  2. Besides the obvious facts of children killing children, these idiots don’t realize if they don’t compromise on common sense gun laws then all guns are going to end up banned.We have a pattern of Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat. Since they won’t compromise, you bet the extremists are going to end up doing exactly what they’re so fucking scared of. Take all guns. I personally don’t think all guns should be taken but certain guns should not be for the average person. They are meant only to kill people. They aren’t meant for self-defense or hunting. Because in self-defense, who needs to shoot 5 people in 5 minutes? You don’t. I asked my gma if she thinks everyone should have a gun. “Yep.” Okay, so Cruz should have had a gun? Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold should have had a gun? Elliot Rodger should have had a gun? Not everyone is responsible or smart. Not to mention, this past shooting was partially a hate crime, he posted on multiple social media platforms he wanted to be a school shooter, & even asked for help. Nobody did anything. The Orlando shooter was investigated by the police several times for being apart of a terrorist organization yet he was able to legally obtain a gun. I don’t understand this thought process that EVERYONE should have a gun. No, they shouldn’t. You wouldn’t give a gun to someone who is suicidal, so why is it okay for someone who is homicidal to have a gun?

    But, but, it’s because of mental health! Okay, if you believe that stop making it so goddamn hard for people to receive mental health care. Or the fact that Trump appealed Obama’s law on having evaluations before purchasing a gun. Just… ugh. The stupidity of it all.

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