Overworked and underappreciated nurses

Overworked and underappreciated nurses. This is a problem that is important to address our nurses are an important part of the health system and the treatment of patients. As a person battling multiple chronic illnesses, I am very appreciative of nurses.  

I would like to understand why most of the research and interview about the obligatory overtime, the workplace issues, the mismanagement and the crazy workload of nurses is usually done by speaking to doctors.

Wouldn’t it make sense to speak to nurses? 

It would be extremely relevant if a nurse with expertise in the area of working conditions and health management, who better understood the reality of the nursing profession and the issues involved, was consulted.

By choosing to speak with doctors instead of nurses they are silencing the voices of nurses in the debate, in a profession that is already heavily under-represented in the media and political spheres. 


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