Less alone

The #MeToo movement made a lot of women feel less alone and gave a voice to those who until now had remained silent.

girl-3141445_1920In life, I think it’s important to talk loudly and stand up, but I didn’t always feel that way. In high school, while I was living under constant threat of rape and death and multiple attacks, I thought I was alone. When I reached out to a teacher for help and was told that I needed to learn to deal with my own problem, I felt even more alone and unimportant. 

Today, I feel less alone. I now believe it’s important to denounce and speak up. Rape breaks people’s lives. So, it’s important to break free when we have to do it. I kept quiet for years and I thought I was okay because it was in the past, but a more recent trauma brought everything to the surface and I had to deal with PTSD. 

Speaking up is a very difficult step for a human being, whether it is a man or a woman, but which is so necessary, and especially today, in 2018. I think we are here, to get up stand up and say that’s enough.

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