Expose your vulnerabilities

You shouldn’t be afraid to expose your vulnerabilities. Have you ever wondered why you should share your most difficult or/and embarrassing moments? Have you ever hidden the truth from the people you love because you didn’t want to bother them?

Everyone has a story. Here’s why you shouldn’t be scared to share your stories. the rawest part of yourself.

You are not alone

After you own and embrace your story and you start to share it on a blog, it becomes bigger than you. Your story is now helping others. It’s allowing people to relate so they don’t feel so alone. Share your story. The greatest misconception about struggles is that we’re meant to do it alone.

Healing and closure

Owning and sharing your struggle is part of the healing process for you. It also gives you a sense of closure. It is out, exposed, and no longer has power over you. Just loving yourself and accepting where you’re at and being ok and grateful for that is the best achievement.

Life lessons

By sharing life lessons we learned the difficult way, you are letting others learn from what you’ve overcome. That connects people and creates learning.


That space inside you can now be filled with compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love. 


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  1. Oh I love these words of wisdom … thanks for posting this. I’m constantly making ‘boobs’ as we say here at home, but to admit them takes a bit of courage. Thanks for making it alright.

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