Makeup doesn’t define you

Makeup doesn’t define you. Wearing makeup is not a sign of superficiality or lack of self-confidence, and it’s not just for a particular group of people. The gender, identity, experience and personality of a person are in no way defined by the amount of makeup she applies to her face.

Everyone has the right to apply as much as they want, at any time. Makeup shaming and sexist prejudices are enough.

Personally, I rarely wear makeup, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love my makeup kit on the bathroom sink. I wear makeup when I feel like it. No one should feel like they can’t or should always wear makeup. It’s a personal decision and one that can change every day.


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  1. I agree. When I’m having a good day, makeup can be a fun way to celebrate that, but I’m glad that I never feel like it’s something I should or must do for other people’s sake.

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