Vacation isn’t a luxury

Vacation isn’t a luxury. It is sometimes difficult to take a break or vacation for many people, especially in this society that puts performance at the expense of health. A guilt can tip the tip of the nose at the slightest stop, which often creates the feeling of being weak and not doing enough.

#wellbeing - TopcisWithPassion.blogYet, taking time for yourself is not a sign of weakness, whether it is to rest, to see loved ones, to travel, to do activities, to seek care or to do nothing at all.

There is no shame in having to stop. Putting yourself in the foreground is important, and a person’s level of productivity does not define their value at all.

Unfortunately for the last 2 years all of my vacation and sick days have been used because of flare-ups and none of it has been used to rest, see loved ones, to travel or do activities. That also takes a toll on one’s mental well-being.


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  1. I know how you feel. Almost all of my vacations, except once at Christmas, have been used for my physical/mental health recovery rather than as a real vacation. Maybe one day I’ll actually get to travel or something instead of sitting at home and hanging around doctor’s offices!

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