Job Insatisfactions

Certainly having a job today is synonymous with privilege, but that does not mean that working is synonymous with happiness.

Career - TopicsWithPassion.blogTo have little work or little responsibility, to the point of not knowing how to occupy one’s days at work, is the dream of some people. However, what many people do not know is that this situation of deep boredom can also psychologically affect people who suffer from it. Lack of goals, lack of interest and frustration quickly emerge and can lead to long-term depression, apathy, and concentration problems.

Many professionals are not valued or recognized for their work by their superiors. This situation gives them the impression that whatever they do, their work will not be taken into account. It can then make them feel completely useless and no longer perform their few remaining tasks satisfactorily.

The mental health of employees is fundamental to the effective fulfilment of the tasks they have to perform. Ignoring their needs, devaluing them and not paying attention to their initiatives and suggestions is the best way to degrade the working environment of all.

According to Harvard research team, a happy employee is 31% more productive and 55% more creative.

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