Problem Solving for Anxious Individuals

Problems come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Most problems are magnified due to our thinking or attitude about them. As someone suffering from anxiety, I am very aware that my problems are often magnified due to over worry and over thinking. It is worse if I feel powerless or loss of control.

Problem Solving - TopicsWithPassion.blogI’ve come to realize that the anxiety will be there no matter what. So instead of concentrating trying to control or reduce my anxiety as a problem within itself, I am finding ways to deal with the problems themselves.

One trick to deal with problems as they truly are is to practice observing them as if they are happening outside of us or to someone else. What advise would you give a friend that is having this issue? What step can take to resolve the issue? 

If you are anything like me, I’m great at giving advice and helping friends in trouble. I don’t seem to take that advice to heart or be as helpful when it comes to my own issues. The truth is when we start to see the problem as outside of us, it becomes clearer, smaller. It’s also easier to see solutions.

Instead of concentrating on the problem and what could happen, I try to concentrate on the solutions and the options in front of me.



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