World Wildlife Day

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day.

Wildlife is so much more important than most people realize to our survival.

Wildlife Tourism

Wildlife attractions account for between 20 and 40% of tourism worldwide. That represents 3.6 to 6 million people visiting these sites annually. It’s one of the reasons why I dislike wildlife tourism. I’m not saying that all of them are bad, but it’s a fact that most tourist often can’t tell if an attraction is bad for the animals. Did you know that wildlife sanctuaries are among the few wildlife tourist attractions that receive good marks on animal welfare?

Human Population

Canada is a country fortunate enough to be home to thousands of different wildlife species due to its vast areas of land and water. Unfortunately, like many other countries around the world, many of these wildlife species are in decline. Why?

This is due in part to human activities. There are currently over 600 species of plants and animals at risk of being lost from Canada before of its ever-growing human population.

For some good feels, here is a video of animal rescues:


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