Review: Black Panther

Black Panther was a great movie, one that we desperately needed in our turbulent times. A lot of love and passion went into the movie and it shows in the final result.

It’s absolutely apologetically African as it should be. It shows gender equality.¬† It shows women in science. I found it refreshing that the little sister was taking care of her brother by using science, research and her own inventions. It’s daring. An absolute joy to see and hear.

Several incredible messages such as fear and anger will blind you to the right way. Or if you prefer, fighting isn’t the answer, nor is hiding. The message that even royalty can make mistake, that no one is perfect. The message that just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that it has to keep being that way. It is good to honour¬†the people who were there before us, but we must also be looking at the future generations. Finally, but not least, the message that we are all human beings and we should be helping each other.

“The wise build bridges, while the while the foolish build barriers” – Black Panter

It’s one of those movies that I will be adding to my collection to enjoy again and again.


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