Decluttering is good for the mind

We moved into our home almost a year ago and we still have many boxes in storage that we need to go through. Our shelves are already overflowing, our drawers are packed and the closets are bursting at the seams. Both my husband and I felt anxious and frustrated about our lack of progress and space.

We started to clear things out again, including getting rid of clothing that doesn’t fit or anything that we haven’t used in a year. Two of my desk drawers were filled to capacity. They have been thinned out. We’re not done. Our storage room is still cluttered and chaotic, but it’s an improvement and it is already feeling more like a home we are proud of.

The act of decluttering had a way of generating fresh energy, creating not only physical space for more clarity, but our minds also felt lighter.  As we decluttered our home, not only did we get to clean up and create more space, we also cleared our mind of all the stress that came with the numerous unpacked boxes and the extra stuff we didn’t need.

I find the same thing at work. You can tell my state of mind by how cluttered my desk is. Every now and again, I make a point to declutter my desk and I immediately feel less stress.

Does your clutter reflect the level of stress in your life? 

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