Memories of Disney World

disney-world-978132_1920You are never too old to love Disney. The magic simply continues to evolve as you get older. These are my memories of Disney World.

There’s nothing like showing your favourite Disney movies to your child for the first time. It’s truly a wonder to see the reactions of your own children the first time they see a Disney movie.

The Disney trip that I took alone with my daughter after the divorce with her father was an uplifting experience. It’s a moment in time that will always stay close to my heart.

I proved to myself and everyone in my life that I was a successful independent person who did not only survive on her own but thrived. It was a very expensive that I wouldn’t be able to repeat at the moment, but it was such a wise decision to spend this amount of money on this once in a lifetime trip. You won’t remember most objects you purchased, but you’ll remember that you swam with sharks.

It really is a place filled with magic. In one week, my child and I took 9,000 pictures. There aren’t enough hours in the day to consume all of the Disney content.

I’ll remember having supper at Belle’s restaurant and trying not to giggle when the waiter tried to teach us French and the priceless face he made when my child replied to him in perfect French and then offered to teach him a couple more words.

I’ll also always remember when we got stuck in a water-slide because the two little boys who went before us were too light for the ride and it automatically shut down for security reasons. I have to say that the employees were very reassuring and quick to come to our rescue. We also got to see parts of the water park that visitors don’t usually see because of our misadventure.

disney-1359222_1920Restaurant shaped as a volcano that shoots fire and all kind of unique views and experience
make your stay completely magical.

I really want to go back now that I am getting remarried and go has a family of five.


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