Change yourself and you will change the world

Have you ever wondered what you could do to make a real difference in this chaotic world? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the injustice that you see in your everyday life and in the news? How do we make the world better?

Well, the first step is becoming better people ourselves, people we can be proud of, people that can show the way through example, not just through words and prayers.

The only person you can really change is you. The only way we can change ourselves is to put ourselves in the foreground for once and truly getting to know ourselves.

camera-2863615_1920We all have a million things on our minds, that eat away at our brains full time and brings us down under it ever-growing weight. Let’s put away some time to actually think about ourselves, what really tempts us, for once. It’s the first step to feeling so much better and fulfilment. It’s also a great example to show our children, not to give all of our time away to others and that you as a person matters. Putting yourself at the top of your list of priorities does not mean making a finger to everyone around you. On the contrary, it is showing to those you love that you believe in yourself, that you have strong roots and that you are a balanced person. Do not forget that investing as much time on yourself as you do for others is a damn good example for your children.

Let go of resentment, fear, anger. All of these negative emotions that keep us in glass prisons.

Be the person your childhood self would be proud of. If we all become the best version of ourselves, the world will naturally be a better place.


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