5 truths to live by

5 truths to live by:

Truth 1: When someone tells you that you are beautiful, believe them. They aren’t lying.

I know that I struggle with this one every once in a while. In the last 2 years with the radiation and living without a thyroid has changed my physical shell quite a bit and I’ve been struggling with loving the reflection that I see in the mirror. My husband still finds me beautiful and I know deep down that he’s telling the truth. I see it in his eyes. Yet, I still have trouble believing it sometimes. My insecurities take over and I fear that he will get fed up with my health issues and the physical damage they’ve caused and leave.

Truth 2: Sometimes we all get up with a breath that could kill a goat.

Truth 3: For every unhappy woman to have stretch marks, there is another woman who would like to have them.

#live - TopicsWithPassion.blogThe stretch marks on your belly mean that you gave life. As someone who struggled giving birth to one kid, with multiple miscarriages and many months crying in the bathroom at the site of my period starting, I now know that fertility issues are much more common than we think. The beauty industry might make you believe that your pregnancy destroyed your body, but the truth is that those marks are proof of love, motherhood, and the miracle of life. You should be proud.

Truth 4: You should definitely have more confidence in you and if you saw yourself the way others see you, you’d have it.

We are all our worst critic. Where you see weakness, others see strength. Where you see failure, others see courage. We should learn to see each other through the eyes of our loved ones. We would all feel much better about ourselves.

Truth 5: Do not look for someone to save you. Be able to save yourself.

The same way they say don’t look for happiness outside of yourself, you shouldn’t expect anyone to save you. You are much stronger than you think and you can be your own hero.


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