Listen to your teens

The teenager’s life is rife with change and insecurity. They start wondering a lot of things and, even if it doesn’t always feel like it, there is no one better than their parents to guide them on this difficult path.

#teenagers - TopicsWithPassion.blogWe all had a doubt or a problem during our teenage years, and, if you were like me, we did not know where to go for advice. It is not because there is no trust or that the relationship with family or friends is bad, but some problems make us ashamed. So, we think, at that time, it might be better to keep them for us.

As parents, we need to reassure them that no subject is too embarrassing. That we are here to listen without judgement. Communication between parents and children during adolescence is a key issue in their development. It is a stage in which social relations multiply (both with friends and with first love). It’s also at this moment that they embark on many new experiences. For example, change schools or join a team or group. If you are like my family, you also have to deal with learning disabilities and mental health issues, which doesn’t make the teenage experience any easier. 

Logically, all these experiences can make that often they do not know where to go or which decision is the best. This is where the figure of parents should appear to give them a hand. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers and remember that your role isn’t to solve all of their problems. The important part is that they have somewhere to go with the stuff that makes them feel confused, embarrassed or bad. Having someone to listen without judgement is key to human development. Plus, sometimes all we need is a hug, no words or advice, just a hug. 


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      1. Oh ya me too. Yet I remind myself every day that I have to, just one step back at a time…. he’s turning 13 tomorrow. Yikes!

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