When pain invades your dreams

It’s absolutely not fun when pain invades your dreams. When my back and leg pain gets really bad at night while I’m sleeping it’s not uncommon for that pain to invade my dreams. I can’t tell you how often I’ve dreamt that I was no longer to walk, that I lost the use of my legs. It’s starting to get disturbing. My anxiety keeps telling me that these dreams are foretelling. My logical side keeps reminding me that the doctors say that there is no degenerative damage.

#chronicillness - TopicsWithPassion.blogI’ve dreamt that I was crossing the street and my legs gave up under me and I fell on the road in front of cars. I’ve dreamt that I’ve fallen down the stair and broke my neck. The fact that I have fell face first because my left knee has given up on me, that I have fallen down a flight of stairs more than once or that I’ve been unable to walk due to pain and inflammation makes those dreams feel way too real.

Does your pain invade your dreams? 


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