Restaurant workers deserve respect

78% of female restaurant workers have been sexually harassed by a customer.

#waitresses - TopicsWithPassion.blogI worked a grand total of one day as a waitress in a restaurant. I was 16-years-old. A customer snapped my bra as I was passing by holding a pitcher of beer. Without thinking, I swung around and dump the content of the pitcher on his head. I lost my job because sexual harassment is part of the job and if I can’t handle it, I should be working in a restaurant. I was young and didn’t know my rights at the time, so I picked up my stuff and left. I now know that I could have made a complaint to the CNESST. Bosses are supposed to stick up for employees and kick people out who speak that way or treat staff poorly. Unfortunately, that is not always what happens.

Have you ever worked in the restaurant industry? What was your experience? 


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