Let’s listen to teens

Let’s listen to teens. We watched students across the United States as they walked out of their schools to protest gun violence and demand action from elected officials. These teens are slamming Congress for their lack of action on gun control. They are demonstrating so much bravery, standing up for what’s right.

Teenagers are often underestimated and patronized when they express how they feel about the world, our laws, and politics. They are too often disregarded because of the bias of age and life experience.

gun control - TopicsWithPassion.blogToo many adults believe that students are walking and advocating for gun control just an excuse to get out of school. That’s isn’t true. It’s about getting an education without wondering if today is the day you are going to be assassinated. High school is difficult enough without adding fear for one’s life to the mix.

To the people who ignore their message, realize that never before have we had a youth more informed and organized. More than 2,500 walkouts were planned and participants are calling for stricter gun laws while remembering the lives lost. They have all the tools that past generations didn’t have.  Not only do they know how to use them, they know how to optimize them and use them in ways we have never imagined. They have already accomplished so much through social media. Store brands are distancing themselves from NRA sponsorship and manufacturers who make the weapons have joined their cause asking for stricter gun control.

  • We need to LISTEN to their voices. They are the voters of tomorrow.May their energy and focus change our decrepit system.
  • We need to ADDRESS their fears. That is our responsibility as adults.  We need to make them feel safe and secure.

No parent should have to continue to live without their child. We all need to step and make sure it stops.

Keep fighting. Don’t let naysayers stop you. Keep up the pressure. Its time the right wing gun fanatics were put in their place.


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  1. As a mother of a teen I completely agree that we should listen to what our teens have to say. We may not always agree but we can still listen. It’s easy to assume these kids are just trying to get out of school when we are not the them. Adults NO longer have to be the students sitting in a class room in fear of someone coming in and opening fire on them. They are learning they aren’t safe at school and that’s just so sad. All they are trying to learn and they deserve to be protected.

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