Racism in Canada

A black skin child went missing in Montreal, Quebec, this week. An amber alert was sent out. Most shared the amber alert with heavy hearts for this little boy and his family.

Unfortunately, the internet had to have its share of racist individuals who took this opportunity to share their hateful, disgusting comments.

I’m heartbroken to see all this hate, especially when it’s directed to a missing child and their family. How can people say such filthy things?  I’m really disappointed. It’s incredible how people can say such vile things when hidden behind a screen. I can’t believe that in 2018 there are still so many people who are openly racist and hateful.

Having a child go missing is the worst thing ever. Not knowing what happened is the worst torture ever.

I am relieved to hear that some of these individuals have already lost their jobs because of their online behaviour. It’s important to stand up and make it clear that the majority isn’t racist and we won’t stand for it.


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