Marriage is a personal choice

Marriage is a personal choice. Marriage is one of the most difficult topics for many women to deal with. It’s no secret that society expects women to marry once they reach a certain age, and to have children.  It’s no secret that this isn’t the path for all women and it shouldn’t be.

18698376_1686408128053218_8766224595361940052_nThis societal and familial pressure may result in women agreeing to marry people who do not match them, who are not the ones they expected.

Successful women do not follow this trend. On the contrary, they have great confidence in themselves and are convinced that marriage is only worth it if they want it deeply. They prefer to live and enjoy their celibacy until they are convinced that they have found the ideal partner, the one who keeps pace with them.

I lived with the father of my child for 10 years. We never married. I stayed single for 4 years after we separated and I loved my time alone. I wasn’t going to go back into another relationship until I met the right man. Honestly, speaking, I didn’t think it would ever happen. I am now married (we had a wedding that was very different than the traditional ones) and I am still amazed that this man I love even exist. It’s truly wonderful.

I was taken aback when people started expecting us to have children together. We both were done with having kids in our previous relationship and they were all about to become teens. Neither of us was willing to have more. Our blended family is perfect the way it is.


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