International Day Without Meat

March 20th is the international day without meat. Proteins are essential to life. They are the building blocks of every cell in our body. Sources of protein are numerous.

Why a day without meat? 

  1. Meat is expensive. In order to consume them every day, some opt for a meat at a lower price and lower quality. However, it is often the less expensive meat that comes from poor husbandry and processing. Reducing the consumption of meat by replacing it with vegetable proteins will save you money and, with these saving, it will be possible to purchase quality meat from the local butcher or breeder.
  2. For our health. Current recommendations are aimed at reducing our consumption of meat because they usually contain a lot of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol.
  3. Our bodies need varied sources of protein. We often think of meat as the only source of protein, but there are also dairy products, eggs, cereals, nuts, etc. Soybeans, quinoa and buckwheat are complete vegetable proteins that can replace meat.

It also makes it possible to discover new foods and flavours. You don’t need meat for a delicious meal.

potato-soup-2152265_1920An excellent source of protein are lentils, chickpeas, or beans of all kinds are very easy to introduce into dishes. I personally don’t like the texture, but once blended they taste amazing. You can add them to soups, serve them in spreads or make excellent couscous, chilli or veggie burgers!

Prepared with soy, tofu has a neutral taste (no real taste of its own), which is why it is better to marinate and flavour to taste. Your imagination is the only limit! In cubes, it will be perfect roasted or fried, incorporated in a salad or in a vegetable saute.

I personally recommend the St-Yves product. They have everything from sandwich meat replacement to vegetarian Pogo and they taste amazing.


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