Speak your mind

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Speak your mind.

It takes a lot of strength, to be honest with those around you. It also takes a special kind of individual to understand the need, to be honest with her/his emotions, her/his opinions and in her/his beliefs. A strong individual won’t hide behind a mask; instead, she/he will own her/his authentic voice.

Speak your mind - TopicsWithPassion.blogAuthentic individuals do not look down on other people, do not judge them, and do not use their voice to spread negative rumours. They speak up for others, they aren’t afraid to dish out any issue with the person concerned and stand up for other.  If each of us put a little bit of his, probably from this point of view, the world would be much better.

Speaking your mind isn’t about agreeing with everyone and it’s not about being a troll or a bully. It’s about being honest with who we are and not being afraid to speak up when we disagree.


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