Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility for your life. This is proof that a person has become fully grown. There is nothing and no one to blame. Taking responsibility for your life means saying this is who I am and this is what I lived.

Not being able to take responsibility for one’s actions responds to the lack of maturity.

Taking responsibility - TopicsWithPassion.blogIt would be so much more comfortable to be able to find excuses, to blame someone else. Sometimes it would seem more natural because others have received more and better.

Why did not I have the same chances? This question remains open. At first glance, nothing is equitable in life.

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean thinking and saying that you are responsible for all the wrongs in your life. It means not blaming others and finding ways to survive and adapt to the new situation.

What attitude, what way of life can I adapt to turn obstacles on my way into stepping stones?

We are all free from our actions but we are responsible for their consequences.

To be able and willing to take responsibility for one’s life is having great dignity.


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